Parras is proud to host Sarah Wells, founder of the Believe Initiative.

Monday 03/09/20 Parras is proud to host Sarah Wells, founder of the Believe Initiative.
The Believe Keynote is designed to engage and inspire students to adopt a mindset that will allow them to see past the barriers they face. Founder Sarah Wells is an Olympic hurdler, so she is no stranger to obstacles. Every day she pours her heart into training, knowing there is no guarantee she will see the result she is after. Today’s youth are faced with similar problems in a fast-paced world that require them to walk the path of uncertainty and constantly be adapting.
Many will encounter obstacles along their journey and some will consider giving up in a moment of adversity. During this critical adolescent time, it is important we talk about being resilient, believing in yourself and learning through our mistakes and obstacles. By showing young people that even Olympic athletes make mistakes and fall down, this presentation will exemplify what will happen when you focus on the process, persevere past the obstacles and continue to believe in yourself.
Sample of Sarah’s Keynote:
Find out more information about the Believe Initiative:
Why did we choose Sarah?
Your Student Council Officers had the opportunity to meet Sarah last summer while attending the CADA Leadership Camp at UC Santa Barbra. We were blown away by her amazing story and message to students. The council decided to share Sarah and her message with our community.