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8th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
Location: RUHS Auditorium 
Duration: Approximately 1 hr

Students being promoted are to arrive at the grass area outside of the RUHS Auditorium by 12:15 PM. 

These requirements are not gender specific.
  • Shirts should be collared; necktie recommended but not required (no tee shirts). 
  • Pants need to be slacks or formal dress pants (no jeans or shorts)
  • Length of dresses/skirts must be appropriate for school and follow our "dress for success" policy as laid out in the student agenda.
  • Shoes may be open-toed or heeled but must have a strap (no flip-flops)
  • All outfits must have shoulder straps that cover undergarments and may not be backless, strapless, low-cut, or have an exposed midriff.
If students have questions about the dress code for this year's Promotion Ceremony, they are encouraged to check with Ms. Ramos.
Parking will be limited; therefore, families are encouraged to form carpools. 

Street parking remains the best option, though many of these spaces are designated as Permit Only. Please also be mindful of parking spots that are reserved for handicap-permitted vehicles.
Students practices will start the week before promotion, in the afternoon, once locker clean-out is finished. Seating assignments will be distributed in Advisement classes. Students are encouraged to wear something comfortable AND that they can sit on the ground with (avoid skirts/dresses this day!).

**It is crictical for every student to be present at all promotion practices. Please do not schedule any appointments during this time!**
Every student is guaranteed two tickets- only. Please note that tickets are at a premium, as seating is limited. Therefore, we cannot honor special requests for large families or relatives who are traveling from out of town. No student will receive more than 3 tickets total from the school; these additional tickets are allotted on a first come- first served basis. 
In order to accommodate all students in the eighth grade class and their families, we are asking that you complete a ticket request form. This document will be posted online. 

Tickets will be distributed to students at the conclusion of the last promotion practice. Should you have any questions after all tickets have been distributed, please contact Janet Alatorre at [email protected]