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Principal's Message

Dear Families:

It is with great pride and excitement that I welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year at Parras Middle School.  As your principal, I am honored to serve this remarkable school community and its students, parents, teachers, and staff.

At Parras, we are committed to students’ academic success, social-emotional growth, and sense of belonging in our community.  

Academic Success:

We are deeply committed to upholding Parras Middle School's longstanding history of academic excellence.  Our goal is for students to have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to fully engage with each academic course and to pursue new interests that arise throughout their educational journeys and beyond. A rigorous and inclusive learning environment is essential to this goal.  Staff works collaboratively to ensure coursework is aligned to grade level standards and current research in effective teaching practices that reach all learners.

Social-Emotional Growth:

We want to ensure that everyone in our Parras community is valued and respected, including students, parents, and staff.  Among the most important things students learn at school are social skills, emotional regulation, self-awareness, and decision-making skills.  We as educators and parents play an important role in developing skills in these areas through intentional instruction and by coaching students through the challenges that arise. 

Sense of Belonging:

Students feeling connected at school can make all the difference.  There are many ways for students to get involved at Parras, including music programs, intramural sports, student-led clubs, robotics, elective courses, leadership groups, and even those small but impactful opportunities to be helpful and kind that present themselves throughout the day.  Each and every student plays an important role in making Parras a wonderful place to learn.

Academic success, social-emotional growth, and a sense of belonging, coalesce to serve towards our big picture: citizens empowered to contribute positively to a larger community.  Thank you for your partnership in this goal.


Kathleen Shaw