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Principal's Message

Dear Parras Parents: 

Nick G. Parras Middle School first opened its doors to Redondo Beach students in 1952.  As many know, our school’s former name back then was Hillcrest Junior High School.  Since 1952, we have been providing the finest education for the students who have attend our beautiful school.

Our school is over 50 years old; however, the facilities are unmatched in many ways.  With the funds provided by the Redondo Beach community through the Measure C, E and Q bonds, our school has undergone extensive renovations and construction.  Our classrooms are equipped to meet demands of an education in the 21stcentury.  Additionally, we have a regulation artificial turf field for our students to enjoy and we have a new performing arts/gymnasium facility. 

Parras Middle School is highly regarded for the rigorous education that is delivered by our outstanding teachers.  Our students are taught higher level thinking skills so they may apply what they have learned to solve real life problems.  Our teachers plan interdisciplinary units across their teams in order for students to see how concepts can be applied across the different subjects.  At Parras Middle School, we offer a wide range of courses for our students to experience.  In addition to mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts, our students may take classes such as video technology, art, Spanish, drama, robotics, creative writing, student leadership, and many more!   

At Parras Middle School, our focus is not only on providing our students with a strong academic education, but also to ensure their social and emotional needs are met.  Our students are placed on a team of teachers who teach our students a rigorous academic curriculum.  Having our students placed on teams allows our teachers the opportunity to work together to help support your child in achieving a first class education.  If teachers feel other academic or social and emotional supports would be of benefit to your child, they are able to work with our experienced counseling department.  Our school's mission statement is:

To ensure continual growth in our students’ learning and academic achievement while promoting responsible citizenship.

Through the partnership with the Redondo Beach community, parents, and our staff, Parras has been recognized as a high achieving middle school.  Our school has been been recognized for its outstanding programs and academics by being named a California Green Ribbon School, a California Distinguished School and a California Gold Ribbon School.  Parras Middle School is in the top tier of all middle schools in the state of California.  At Parras Middle School, our staff is committed to providing your student the best education possible in a caring environment.



Dr. Lars Nygren