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Principal's Message


Dear Families:


Welcome to Nick G. Parras Middle School, in Redondo Beach Unified School District.  Our school has been recognized for its outstanding programs and academics by being named a California Green Ribbon School, a California Distinguished School, and a California Gold Ribbon School.  Parras Middle School is in the top tier of all middle schools in the state of California.


Our Mission Statement is “To ensure continual growth in every student's learning and academic achievement while promoting responsible citizenship.”  There is a lot in this short statement. “Continual growth,” for instance, aligns to the value of lifelong learning, something we hope is engendered here, and only grows stronger in years beyond.  “Every student’s learning and achievement” is not said just because we are a public school, but because we know that we must pay attention to the individual needs of each student to ensure that we are maximizing their potential.  And finally, “responsible citizenship” prioritizes the social-emotional development of our students, which is the foundation for thriving in all aspects of their lives.


At Parras we are more than just school—we are a community.  We work hard to create effective collaboration among staff and families to offer more than any of us could individually.  For teachers, this includes coaches and co-teaching partnerships.  For parents, this includes our incredible PTSA, who orchestrate an unbelievable amount of support ranging from running registration, to creating and implementing the Hands-on-Art program.  Another critical partner is the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF), who annually funds over a million dollars in programs and staff that impact every RBUSD student.  Learn more at http://rbef.org/.



Above all, we are dedicated to students finding success here—which we know means different things for different people—but must always at least include feeling valued and respected.  We thank you for your support and partnership in this goal, and together we will continue to build the legacy of Parras through the success of our students.





Jonathan Erickson