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8th Grade Upcoming Events

This is a very special event. If your student has earned an award, you will receive an invitation in the mail.


Students still interested in obtaining a yearbook may purchase one online by visiting The price of yearbooks is $45. If you have any questions, Ms. Kanemaru can be reached at [email protected]

Cell phones and other electronic devices and not permitted. Should a student bring his/her phone, or other electronic device, it must be turned into the coat check prior to entering the Promotion Party.

Once a student arrives, they may not leave until 8:00 PM unless a parent picks them up at the main entrance/exit doors of the school. Parents must arrive promptly by the end of the party to pick up their children.
Everything at the party-food, games, music, entertainment, and photobooth- is free of charge. Outside food and beverage are not allowed. 

The dress code will be reviewed with students prior to the Promotion Party and will be enforced upon entrance. If students have questions about the dress code, they are encouraged to check with the administration.
This dance is intended to be a fun and safe event to help the 8th grade students celebrate their upcoming promotion to high school. The more volunteers we have the more successful the event will be. Please volunteer your time to help with decorating, chaperoning the dance, or contributing a 100% tax deductible monetary donation. 
Ticket Price:
Everyone MUST ride on the bus to Knott's Berry Farm and return on the bus as well. Exceptions are not going to be granted. Therefore, students need to plan on traveling by bus both directions. 

Students not attending the trip are required to be in attendance at school; they will be assigned a classroom to report to after roll is taken first period. Students not here on that Monday could be considered truant and risk being excluded from promotion.
Wednesday, June 11, 2024
Release Time: 

Students are required to attend school on this day. This is an early release day, this affords students and families more than ample time to prepare for the promotion ceremony later that afternoon.