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Schedule Changes


Administration creates the master schedule with the input of teachers and counselors, and all student schedule changes are completed by the second week of school to ensure a smooth transition and stability for the students and teachers.  In general, counselors assist the administration with scheduling, but making schedule changes after the second week of school is very rare. 

Examples of a Valid Schedule Change Request:

  • Missing a period
  • Scheduled for a duplicate class
  • Scheduled for the wrong grade level


Examples of Invalid Schedule Change Requests:

  • Changing a teacher
  • Changing lunch assignment for 7th grade students
  • Changing to be with friends
  • Changing to have a class during a different time of day


Requests for specific teachers can not be granted due to the nature of the scheduling process. Students may be assigned to an intervention elective should a needs assessment determine that this would be in their best educational interest. 

If a student received their first choice elective OR one of their alternate elective choices, electives are not adjusted, per school policy.

If your family is submitting a course change request, please read through all the information noted on the top of form prior to proceeding with your request.  Some courses are at capacity and additional students cannot added for the 2023/2024 school year.


2023-2024 Request for Course Change