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Welcome to the Parras Library

The Library is now open for students during lunch!  Students who wish to come in and do homework, read or just relax are welcome.  Talking should be kept to a minimum and done so quietly for those who are trying to work.  
Librarian/Media Tech:
Samantha Smith
310-798-8616 x3708
Librarian Hours: 
Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 3:00pm 
The library has many interesting books available for students to check out and is sorted by genre for ease in finding a book to enjoy.  Can't find what you are looking for, ask me, I'll look it up and help you find it.  If it is not physically in our library, perhaps it is available on Overdrive, RBUSD's e-library.   The check out period is 2 weeks in length.  Just bring your Student ID card and you are set or I can look up your account.  
Broken Chromebook?  Bring it in and I'll see if I can fix it and give it right back to you. If it needs to be sent out to our District IT department, I will issue you a loaner until yours is returned.  I will contact you when your CB comes back - at that time you return the loaner (and charger if you received one).
Need to print something - share it with me through Google at my email address above and come in and pick it up.