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Parents often enlist the help of numerous outside agencies, such as therapists, tutors, educational specialists, doctors, and other professionals.  School counselors work closely with outside therapists to collaborate on best practices to help your child.  Outside tutors may often wish to contact a child's teacher directly to find out how to be most helpful.  Parents may sign a release, authorizing the school to communicate with outside professionals.  To do this, please fill out the below form with the agency/person name, contact information, and the elements of the school record we may share, and return to your child's counselor.  This release will be effective for one year and will be placed in their cumulative file. 




An important tool that counselors use when working with students is analyzing how many internal and external developmental assets they possess.  Counselors help connect youth with additional resources to help kids as they transition to the pressures that come with adolescence. Curious about the 40 Developmental Assets?  Want to know how many Developmental Assets your child has?  Click below! 

40 Developmental Assets´╗┐


Please fill out the attached release of information form if you wish to authorize school staff to communicate with an outside entity such as a mental health provider, tutor, or doctor.  


For a comprehensive list of South Bay medical, mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse, and support group resources:


If you or your family does not have medical insurance, you may qualify for it at a free or reduced price:


For an additional list of community counseling resources:



There are many opportunities for students and parents to volunteer in the community.  We encourage students to volunteer on and off campus while in middle school.