Paris in Parras - Semi Formal Dance

Paris in Parras - Semi Formal Dance
4:00 - 6:00
Tickets will be on sale during both lunches by the office for 10 dollars. 
Make sure you bring your ID to the dance! 

Dress Code

  • Shirts should be collared; necktie recommended but not required
  • No tee shirts
  • Dress pants (no jeans or shorts)
  • Length of dresses/skirts must be appropriate for school and follow our “dress for success” policy as laid out in the student agenda
  • Shoes may be open-toed or heeled but must have a strap (no flip-flops)
  • All outfits must have shoulder straps that cover undergarments and may not be backless, strapless, low-cut, or have an exposed midriff

                No offensive language, pictures or symbols may be printed on clothing or accessories.