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ASB Office
Club Info:
Election Information: 
Parras 6/7/8th Grade Spring Elections 2021
Speeches are due by June 4 at 3:00 PM the vote will take place Friday June 4th. The winners will be announced 
ASB Officer Positions and Roles
High School Representative (2X)
Be a part of the High School ASB Class
President: (8th Grade Only)
Lead the class, council, and meetings
Act as a facilitator during discussion
Maintain frequent contact with faculty and administration
Work with advisor on all planning
Participate in student council sponsored activities/events
Vice President: (8th Grade Only)
Work closely with President
Assist the President with his/her duties
Assume President’s duties when needed
Maintain and oversee all committee activities / duties / shifts
Responsible for “Thank You’ cards
Participate in student council sponsored activities/events
Treasurer: (7th or 8th Grade)
Oversee council expenses and revenues
Maintain an accurate and detailed financial record
Give monetary advice to the council
Authorize payment/deposits
Work with President and Vice President in preparing calendar and budget
Participate in student council sponsored activities/events
Secretary / Historian: (7th or 8th Grade)
Documents important events for the student council, including taking notes and keeping a journal.
Keep an account of minutes at every meeting
Keep an accurate account of attendance at every meeting
Help maintain student council files and officer notebooks
Assist the director and officers with record keeping
Participate in student council sponsored activities/events
Communication Director: (7th or 8th Grade)
Documents important events for the student council, including taking pictures and video
Inform students of upcoming events using various means
Maintain selected media outlets
Act as the ‘voice’ for advertisements and information sharing
Maintain contact information for people who work with the council
Participate in student council sponsored activities/events
Grade Level Representative: (Two students for each grade level)
(Next years sixth graders will be elected in the fall of 2021)
Coordinates and communicates with all advisement class representatives.
Responsible to help set up, attend, and clean up all ASB or related functions as assigned by the Activities Director.
Assists with the establishment and implementation of various ASB activities.
Assists with “Thank You’ cards
Assists when requested with noon time activities and all star functions.
ASB Candidate
Application Information Spring 2021
In order to qualify as a candidate for student council office, you must follow all directions and guidelines below.
Official Petition (Google Form on Google Classroom)
Agree to the Campaign Guidelines (Google Form)
Statement declaring your candidacy (Google Form)

One-Minute Speech:
Explain why you would be a good leader and how you will fulfill your duties.
All candidates must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 and no marks below satisfactory on their current grade year report.
Students must have a good attendance record. Any unexcused absences this year prior to seeking office, due to truancy, suspension, or other behavior-related incident will result in a disqualification.
Inappropriate behavior outside of class, detentions, or referrals will be cause for disqualification.
If elected, candidates must maintain the above eligibility standards in order to remain on Student Council.
Student Council officers may not put other events before ASB. Officers commit to lead for one school year.

Campaign Guidelines
All campaigning materials must be school appropriate
All campaigning materials must only endorse yourself; no putting down your opponents
Campaign materials are not to exceed $50 dollars in total
Candidates may not use ASB supplies
Friends and family may not campaigning for you or other candidates (They may support you)
Staff may not campaigning or support candidates (You can not put ant flyers or posters in classrooms)
Non Negotiable
No giveaways
No stickers, buttons, candy, writing devices, erasers, any items that is handed out with the intent to support or endorse your campaign.
The campaign must have a positive tone (no putting down of others) and be in good taste. As such, inappropriate or negative messages will not be permitted. Demonstrations of respect is all-inclusive, and not limited to personal comments, posters, or campaign speeches.
Candidates are not permitted to begin campaigning until 8:00 A.M. May 31st.
Candidates must follow and abide by all school guidelines both before, after, and during the campaign. It is the candidate who is ultimately responsible for their campaign. Any violation during the campaign will be the sole responsibility of the candidate. Please be aware of this as campaign violations could lead to disqualification for the candidate.